Four Extremely Popular Australian Wines To Get Your Party Guests In Full Swing

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If you’re planning a party, one of the first things that will come to mind is what drinks you will be providing for your guests. Most parties nowadays will have a wide selection of drinks available, but one thing you can’t leave off the menu is wine.

We know that wine is produced in many different regions of the world, but one particular area that has been producing some great vintages is Australia. In fact, Australian wines have become amongst the most popular in the world during the last 30 years or so, and to be completely honest, no party would be complete without a tipple from down under. This post will introduce you to some of the more popular wines to come from Australia.


1. Sparkling Wine


Sparkling Wine

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Sparkling wine was often viewed as nothing more than a cheap alternative to Champagne. However, in recent years the quality of sparkling wine to come out of Australia has certainly changed people’s perceptions. The winemakers of Australia have created their sparkling wines using much the same techniques as is used to create Champagne and they often use the exact same grapes as well. The wine they have managed to produce is refreshing and tastes great and this is definitely a great way to get the party started. Sparkling wine typically goes well with salads and shellfish and it’s also a great way to wash down any number of desserts.


2. Chardonnay



Chardonnay – Image Courtesy: Prayitno

Chardonnay is probably the most well-known wine of Australia and you can be forgiven for thinking this is the only variety of wine they produce. In fact, for many years Chardonnay was the only Australian wine that was found on supermarket and store shelves, although this is more to do with the fact that we didn’t know any better.

Australian winemakers love producing Chardonnay due to the ease of growing the grapes and the fact that it is one of the most adaptable wines around. There are a number of different Chardonnay’s available and they generally go very well with canapés and white meats.


3. Shiraz


A Couple Tasting Wine

Michael & Trisha – Photo Courtesy: Liza

Shiraz is the best drink from Australia for red wine drinkers. Made from a variety of dark fruits, this stunning wine provides a real spicy taste for the palette. You can enjoy Shiraz with just about any party food, but it goes especially well with red meats, a variety of cheeses, soups and stews. An Australian Shiraz may be better suited to a more formal event where your guests enjoy a sit down meal, but it really is the king of red wines.


4. Cabernet Sauvignon


Wine in an Ice Bucket

Image Courtesy: Dinner Series

Another well known wine is Cabernet Sauvignon and this hails from South Australia. If your party is going to be a formal event and you are looking at a variety of catering companies to host the event, you can guarantee that when it comes to a choice of wines, Cabernet Sauvignon will be one of the first recommendations on their list. Cabernet Sauvignon goes fantastically well with many different hard cheeses and seems to perfectly compliment roast beef, although the rarer the better. It is also often mixed with Shiraz to produce an amazing blend of wines.


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